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'Forbidden Truth' is a fictional drama exploring the daily lives of diverse London communities bought together by their local environment.This instalment follows two married people that connect in an attempt to escape the stress of their worlds. 

Currently doing the rounds on the festival circuit before hitting the web, private link available on request.

The idea came from British born writer, director and voice artist, Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell. 


“Of Jamaican parentage and raised in Tottenham North London, diversity is all I’ve known.

I’ve often wondered how the Hasidic Jewish, of substantial presence and importance to the area kept,

so insular. What’s happening behind the scenes? How deep do the connection go?

These questions fuelled the direction of the story but the point was really

to explore human inner struggle and the notion of conscience.”

Producer / Assistant Director - Robert Shannon

Assistant Producer - Susan Hughes

Cinematography / Editor - Rodney Victor Williams

Photography - Giulia Savorelli

Music and Supervision - Forever Diverse Music Solutions C.I.C.

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