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I came from a music performance background, starting in the entertainment industry as a

singer-songwriter. There's something about story telling that is simply timeless and special.

As a young man growing up between north and east London, Stamford Hill fascinated me.

The mix of cultures and how distant but connected the Jewish community were 

(and still are) to the area, intrigued me no end.


Do they have affairs? How do they deal with conflict?

What type of relationships occur outside of their community?


I wish I could just hang out, ask questions, compare life stories, but it's not so easy.


'Forbidden Truth' is influenced by these questions and more. 

There are layers. 

Maybe it's 'Eastenders' meets 'Tales Of The Unexpected', shot 'dirty' like The Office, but without the documentary styled element. I wanted it to be slightly satirical, culturally diverse with adult themes yet without being too abrasive.


As a plus size man of Afro-Caribbean decent, I wanted to prod the boundaries beyond being a

tough guy, gangster or comic relief. I wanted to play the lead, deal with emotional conflict,

make love and fight the bad guys. 


As a director it's my first outing and an amazing learning curve. I was blessed to have a great team around me especially Producer / Assistant Director, Robert Shannon, Assistant Producer, 

Susan Hughes and Cinematographer / Editor, Rodney Victor Williams.


The cast was also fantastic including Robert Shannon, Verona Rose, Lindsey-Anne Barnes and little Ria Frater, a star in the making. It was also great to include the music of the social enterprise I run (Forever Diverse Music Solutions C.I.C.), giving exposure to emerging talent and otherwise independent musicians.


We created fond memories on set that will stay with me and inspire my journey forward endlessly.


We're currently servicing the film festival circuit but a private link to webisodes are available on request at our discretion.


Onwards and up.


Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell

Writer / Director / Actor

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